NOTICE: Membership Price Increase — January 1, 2022

For the last seven years, Survival Flight has provided memberships to individuals and families at the same low price. On January 1, 2022, we’re raising those membership rates to $60/year for individuals and $70/year for families.

Why are we raising our rates? Well, there are several reasons. First, we haven’t increased our membership rates since we began the program about 7 years ago. And in case you haven’t heard, there’s been a lot of inflation since then and our costs have increased considerably. Second, and more importantly, the services you get with our membership have increased dramatically. Over the last seven years we’ve added multiple states, multiple bases, and even ground-based ambulances in many locations. We recognize that many families are tired of seeing price increases and we are too. That’s why we’re limiting this increase to such a small amount.

Providing safe, high-quality emergency medical care to our patients is what we’re all about – and this small price increase will help us continue to offer our services to so many at a low cost. A Survival Flight membership gives you the peace of mind that should you need our emergency services, you won’t receive any out-of-pocket bills from us. A Survival Flight membership gives you the second-best thing we can offer beyond our safe and life-saving medical care: peace of mind.

Peace of mind for only $60 a year!

Become a Survival Flight member today for only $60.00 a year. Survival Flight will consider your benefits provider payment as payment in full. This means Survival Flight members incur no out of pocket expenses for air ambulance when transported by Survival Flight.

Individual plan for only $60.00 a year. Click to purchase your plan today.

Family plan for households for only $70.00 a year. Click to purchase your plan today.

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* For Corporate membership plans, please call us at (870) 793-0998 for pricing.

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* Members of the Survival Flight membership program are guaranteed to receive no out of pocket bills from Survival Flight. Survival Flight members are not billed for expenses resulting from their air medical transportation by Survival Flight, which were not covered by their insurance provider or other benefits providers’ coverage plans. Membership with Survival Flight will also cover Survival Flight Ground EMS with certain limitations as listed within the Terms of Use. Below are the terms and conditions to the membership program.

Emergency medical air transportation is determined by medical need not membership status. Medical need is determined by a Survival Flight medical professional. Once a Survival Flight medical professional deems that patient transportation is necessary, the patient will be transported to the closest appropriate medical facility for their current medical status. Survival Flight medical professionals will deem a patient necessary for air ambulance transportation if life, limb or permanent disability are at stake. Under all situations Survival Flight has the right to determine whether a patient is or is not transported.

Survival Flight Memberships are only valid for Survival Flight transportation. In the event that Survival Flight cannot transport a patient when requested because of FAA restrictions, Survival Flight absence in the local market, weight and balance restrictions, maintenance, commitment of the aircraft to another transport, patient condition, age or size of the patient, governmental market restrictions or weather conditions, Survival Flight is not held responsible for medical expenses ensued by the patient. FAA restrictions prohibit Survival Flight and other air ambulance providers from transporting in inclement weather conditions. The primary determinant of patient transportation with Survival Flight is always the safety of the patient and flight crews. If another provider transports a Survival Flight member, membership status is not recognized by other transportation providers and resulting fees are not covered by Survival Flight.

Survival Flight membership fees cover all potential out of pocket fees billed to the patient. Survival Flight memberships do not exclude the right of Survival Flight to bill directly any insurers, benefit providers and responsible third parties including automobile insurance providers (collectively “insurance”). Members must forward all insurance provider information including policy numbers, effective dates of coverage and deductible information. Members must also remit any payments received from providers or responsible third parties for services provided by Survival Flight, not exceeding billed charges. Failure to disclose insurance information may result in Survival Flight dishonoring membership status. Survival Flight is not an insurance company and a Survival Flight membership is not an insurance policy. Survival Flight memberships are not considered a secondary insurance provider or coverage plan. Survival Flight is not responsible for services provided from any ambulance service or air ambulance transportation company. Survival Flight expenses are separate from ambulance services patients may need or receive.

Membership with Survival Flight will apply to Survival Flight Ground EMS for transports based on the Medicare standards for necessity. Transports to doctors’ offices or outpatient clinics for convenience are typically not considered medically necessary. A new Survival Flight membership becomes effective three days after the membership application and payment is received, and members receive confirmation from Survival Flight that membership status has begun. The three day waiting period may be waived by management for unforeseen events that occur during those three days. Once payment is placed for a membership no refund is available. Medicaid beneficiaries are not allowed to purchase memberships due to state laws. Some other state and federal insurance plans may also be ineligible to apply. By applying for a membership applicants certify they are not a Medicaid beneficiary or have a state or federal insurance plan with laws restricting membership application. These terms supersede all terms verbally given or written by any person relating to a Survival Flight membership.